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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New School Year - New Blog Post

Phew!! It has been a summer and a half, which is why more poor poor blog has been so neglected!!

Let me fill you in before I give you a room tour!

I went away to Italy, Germany and Austria.. which was an absolutely beautiful holiday (where I consumed far too much pizza, pasta, ice cream and prosecco!!)

Then I eventually completed (and passed, hurrah!!) my Master's Degree!!

...THEN I went to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks, where I spent far too much money on stationery!!!

We even went to HK Disneyland and met a few characters!

Right - now for my room tour for my 2013/14 room.....

This is my door, with my cute little sign that a kiddo gave me as a leaving present;

Our topic this half term is 'Into the Woods' which is why you may notice lots of forest themes!

This is the view as you walk in to my room....

My role play area - with a small world table, complete with gorgeous smelling coloured/scented rice - my room smells of cinnamon and nutmeg, it is to die for!!

                         Complete with a Gruffalo CafĂ© ... I even got to meet The Gruffalo himself!!!

 On each table I have a cute little photo frame with the table name (sight words to help kids with their recognition) and a writing checklist so the kiddies can use this during literacy;

This is my reading area, which I added this year;
You can now purchase the check list from here

These are my beanie baby reading strategy posters which I am going to use this year in Guided Reading, I'll add them to my store this weekend;

I also made a cute bunting using the children's favourite book covers!! I plan to add to this throughout the year as we read more books together!

This is my art area, with a little Art Gallery for the kiddies work;

And finally, my displays!! I've been doing a lot of reading about maths and this was inspired by a pinterest find on subatising;

This is my blooms display to encourage higher order thinking and questioning - if you like it you can buy a copy here from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.. I LOVE this display and it's so useful to have up and pick questions to ask the kiddies from! 

 I bought this brilliant pack from TpT and put a copy in each of the kiddies drawers for early finishers;

This is my number bond display (again, another pinterest find!) That I absolutely love!! 

 Our school have introduced Spanish this year, so this is my little homage to our Spanish lessons!

This is my 'How are we learning?' poster so the kiddies know the noise level etc.

 This is my interactive numeracy table - I'll do a blog post on this soon!

And finally, my literacy working wall ...

I hope you like it as much as I do!! :) My resolution for this teaching year is to blog more, so hopefully I'll be keeping on top of my blog a lot more now my Master's is out the way! 

Finally here are a few of my 'made it's' that I'm proud of;

I started collecting pringle tubs, and bought loads of washi tape out in HK to make these cute storage cans;

And I also decorated this tired looking table to go in my reading area (it's not the handiest of DIY work but it will do!)

 ....and very lastly I'll leave you with one of my phonics 'made it's' that I love (and I didn't make most of it!!)

The kiddies loved building words today!! They could not resist learning :p

Dani x