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Thursday 6 September 2012

First Few Days Back...

Phew.. these last few days have been absolutely crazy crazy crazy!! I did however manage to send out the freebie packs to the winners of the giveaway so that is one thing crossed off my ever expanding list!!

I now have a little fishy - the kiddos deciding on naming he/she/it Princess Belle... I think someone very influential in the class had been watching Beauty and the Beast! Other name choices included big tail, Liverpool, nemo (original!), Timmy and Treasure. I was only allowed one fish from the pet shop, so I have to wait a whole week before I can put another little friend in there. One little sweetie decided to draw a fish to stick on the front of the tank so our class pet wouldn't be lonely *heart melts on the floor*

The kids have been SO adorable. I'm very lucky for being able to move up with my class from Reception. They have grown so much over the summer,  but they're still as cute as ever. One little boy said 'Miss Lynch, your classroom looks so nice' I wanted to squeeze him!

I also received a gorgeous first day present from a parent... things like this make my year! (not the whole present thing, but just the note that came with it.. something I will keep forever)

I also decided to decorate the outside of my door... we're doing an 'into the woods' theme for our first topic so I thought it would be nice for them to feel as though they're walking 'into the woods' - I just hope it lasts as I had no energy left to laminate after I cut out over 60 leaves plus animals!!

My class are also going C-RRRRAAAZY for their fuzzies!! They love these little things... they will do ANYTHING for a fuzzy! Especially a big fuzzy worth 5 little ones! It's also absolutely BRILLIANT for their counting skills... I've had so many children who are reluctant to count telling me 'Miss, I have 6 fuzzies *holding their fingers up* I only need 4 more for a prize!!' Darlings.. they really are! 

This is a piece of work that one of the girlies in my class did today - apparantly I'm a princess! Not sure about my choice of clothing though.. I'm clearly a very unfashionable princess!

I'm trying not to neglect the blog too much, but I am also going away for the weekend with the boy for some much much much needed rest! Hope everyone is enjoying their first few days back as much as I am!

Dani x

Sunday 2 September 2012

I'm alive!!!

I have completely neglected my poor blog these last few days, but after more than several people told me to relax and actually have some holiday I decided to take their advice!!

We took Charlie out to the woods and to a few other places - he had so much fun running around and being with us... I'll be sad to go back to work full time and not be with him all day!

I also went to Alton Towers and went on most of the rides - for the holidays it was surprisingly queue free!

I popped in to work briefly just to set up my fish tank - my Mom and sissy are going to bring the fish tomorrow - I'm very excited to have some fish and the kiddos will love them!

I also made these owls to hang up in my room so I'll take some pics of them once they're in there.. and on the end is George, our class bear who has been very busy holidaying all around Russia etc so there's lots of photos of him to share with the kids when they return!

I am now showered and almost prepared for first day back tomorrow - 2 days of training then the kids start Weds. Hopefully the cupcakes I've made will help the day go a bit quicker!!

I'll blog more once this manic week is over - I also haven't forgotten about my freebie winners!! I'll sort it soon I promise :)