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Monday 1 September 2014

How SitSpots saved my life and a SITSPOTS GIVEAWAY!!

This post has been in the pipeline for a while and I am SO excited that I finally get to let it all out!! If you know me then you will know that I am TERRIBLE at keeping things quiet.

My mouth normally blurts things out quicker than my poor little brain can react - so how I have kept this a secret is beyond me!!

Anyway... this is my old classroom (ignore the walls, just look at the beautiful tiled flooring - PERFECT ready made spots for my little darlings to perch their bottoms on - just enough individual space without sitting on top of their best friend!)

This year I have moved over to Reception (PreK/Kinder) and when I saw the flooring I had a little panic attack about where my lovely littlies were going to sit and how they would know where to sit without any visual guidance! 

I remember seeing SitSpots on a few US blog posts and had lusted after them for some time, so eventually thought that the time was right to get my own to save my sanity this year...

The other day these BEAUTIES arrived - I settled on pink and green because I have bought baskets in those colours so thought it would tie in with my classroom. These badboys are BRIGHT - but I like that they're so bright (my phase leader would disagree haha!) 

...and now my problem is well and truly SOLVED!! Look at this amazingness! (Yes, that is a word!) 

If you look at the front by my chair I have 2 little stars for my super star sitters - the kiddies who have worked super hard or had an excellent attitude will get to mosey right on up to the front and sit proudly on those beautiful little stars! 

If you can see from my flooring, it's the scratchy tile flooring and this is PERFECT for SitSpots - as they are made from velcro they NEED something to latch on to - if you look at the rug in my picture, they won't work on this sort of material, or if you're lucky/posh enough to have beautiful plush carpet in your room. They also won't work on tiles/wooden flooring, the scratchy material is what they need.

However, the GREAT thing with SitSpots is that you can order a sample completely free of charge to see if they will work in your classroom - amazing, right?!

The other amazing thing is that they have given me a whole class set to GIVE AWAY to one lucky reader!!! I am SUPER excited about this! You can browse the store here and lust over what you would like to win! It took me SO long to settle on these.

I've also seen loads of other uses for SitSpots, you can write on them with Sharpies so you can have Math, Literacy or Phonics activities! Your imagination really is the limit - and did I mention they are machine washable?!

Can you tell how in LOVE I am with SitSpots?! 

I can't wait to order some more - I'm planning on getting some cute little green feet for when those pesky leprechauns come to visit in March! 

You can enter the giveaway below - good luck!!

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  1. I would love to use these to assign seats on the rug!

  2. I love how you used these to define seating spots. I'd do the same!

  3. I would use them for assigned seating during circle time and calendar time.

  4. I would love this for kiddos that need a more defined spot during whole group instruction. I would also use them to mark just right reading spots around the room.

  5. I would LOVE this for my Kinder classroom! I would use it for lining up, making a circle around the carpet, and so much more! :)

  6. I saw the sit spots in Vegas while I was there for the TPT conference. They are amazing and look SO good in your room. Love the bright colors!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments guys!! :) Can't wait to announce the winner!

  8. I absolutely love these and had no clue they could be found here! They would be fabulous to help with lining up, adding and taking away for my little lovelies who still require very concrete help! Thanks so much for contacting me - good to have more UK teaching blogs!!

  9. I love these! What a great management idea!

  10. I've been looking for exactly this! Thank you!

  11. These look amazing and would be lifesavers! They would be perfect for circle time! Great giveaway!

  12. Love Sit Spots! I requested a sample and they are perfect. Now I just need to place my order.....or win them! =)


  13. I teach preschool and these would be great for my large group time/circle time for my students to give them their assigned spot. Last year I taught in a classroom that had a rug and each student was able to sit on a letter and that was their spot for the year, this year I moved classroom and the room I am in doesn't have a rug so we have taped shapes on the carpet...the tape is not sticking and we are constantly re-taping the shapes down. The SitSpots are exactly what I need for my class!!

  14. My new little kinders need a defined place to sit. They take so long to find a place and they do not understand personal space. Sit Spots would solve all of those issues!

  15. The pink and green match my classroom!! I would use these for seat assignments.